Jagged Edge: twin-turbo 5.3-L V12 motorcycle

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Right now, while you're reading this, there's a scion of Dr. Frankenstein out there somewhere, digging, chopping, cutting, welding, twisting auto parts into entirely new combinations. The man behind the UK shop Custom Mettle is one of them. Having a 5.3-liter Jaguar V12 with nothing to do, he added a few drinks (for himself), and go the idea to build this: the Jagged Edge.

But the V12 alone, obviously, wouldn't be enough -- so he swiped two turbos off of a Peugeot diesel engine, and bolted those on as well. He threw in the middle gearbox from a Yamaha XS1100, clutch and pressure plate from a Land Rover 110, release bearing from a Land Rover Freelander, and the front and rear wheels from a Kawasaki GPZ1000RX, the the The result: 400 BHP and 400 lb-ft. On two wheels. Or, in other words: freakish madness.

It's for sale in the UK, it needs some work, and it's not registered, but it's only three thousand pounds. That's pretty cheap for the chance to indulge your Road Warrior fantasies on Frankenstein's monster. Check out the gallery of images below.

Thanks for the tip, Robin!

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