What role did the Volt play in the UAW strike of GM?

Here is one reason why blogging can be so fun: take two stories, blend, and voila! More questions! The first story that I'm writing about is one which was covered here on our site. See here: "Lordstown, Ohio could be the home of the Volt". The other story in question is this one: "Chevrolet Volt: Where Will It Be Built?" over at Edmunds Auto Observer. Read both, then come back.

(Maestro: the Jeopardy theme begins now)

So, just what role did the Volt play in the UAW's contract negotiations and strike with GM? Small cars like the Chevy Cobalt and Pontiac G5 are low-profit vehicles that GM needs to compete in certain market segments. The Volt, despite being based on similar architecture, may turn out to be a bit more profitable. If not profitable in money, at least in market perception. Depending on how many GM is able to manufacture and sell, it could be a huge home run for GM, the UAW and the factory that is making it. In other words, the Volt is one vehicle that the UAW would like to see built in the States.

[Source: AutoblogGreen and Edmunds Auto Observer]

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