As General Motors and the United Auto Workers continue their near-round-the-clock negotiations trying to hammer out a new contract, the workers at GM's Lordstown,Ohio assembly plant are also looking at their longer-term future. Currently, Lordstown builds the Chevy Cobalt and Pontiac G5 which are both built on GM's Delta platform. The current models are due to be replaced after the 2009 model year and that means that the company will be re-evaluating where to build them.

Lordstown is the obvious front-runner but there are no guarantees. If Lordstown does keep the next generation Delta (GM's Global Compact Car Platform) it could bring an extra bonus with it. The Global Compact Car Platform is also the basis of E-Flex which by now we should all know is the power-train of the Chevy Volt. So, if Lordstown builds the next-gen Cobalt it is very likely to build Volt too, at least initially. In the first year or two Volt volumes will probably be low enough to build it alongside the Cobalt. If it takes off though, GM will probably have to move it to another plant to meet demand.

[Source: Columbus Dispatch]

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