LAPD to use GPS projectile to chase crooks

High speed chases with cops and robbers may make for great TV, but the dangerous activity puts lives and property in danger, and sometimes the bad guy gets away. The LAPD has some of the most elaborate pursuits ever put on tape, but the new StarChase Pursuit Management System may help them nab suspects without as much risk to those around them. The device is mounted on the front end of the police cruiser, and a laser target helps with aim. When the police have the suspect in range, they simply fire a projectile at the fleeing vehicle. Once the small GPS device, battery, and cellular radio are attached to the vehicle, the fuzz can track the perp without having them in plain site, which means the police can keep pedestrians from being a statistic.

Only time will tell if the device will truly work, but it's good to see that the Police are coming up with new technology to keep up with ever-improving criminal tech. Hit the StarChase website to check out a product video demo, it looks pretty cool, but as of right now it doesn't look like the projectile firing device kicks out enough force at high speeds for the tracking device to stick. It's a good thing that such a device wasn't in existence 30 years ago, however, because Smokey and the Bandit would have been one short, uneventful movie.

[Source: The Truth About Cars]

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