Direct fuel injection coming to Ferrari in 2009

Direct injection has allowed automakers like Audi to compete on horsepower without the need to boost displacement, and the added fuel economy and reduced emissions has helped push the technology as the next big thing on the green scene. Ferrari has seen the benefits of what direct injection can do, and the Italian supercar maker plans on adding the technology to Enzo's babies by 2009. Ferrari is using Audi as its benchmark, due to the fact that the German automaker has used DI successfully in several different engines.

Direct injection will first infiltrate the Ferrari lineup with the updated F430, and a ten-percent bump in power will be the most noticeable byproduct of the engine upgrade. When opening up the engine bay, things will look different as everything from the block up has to be redesigned. New cylinder heads, valve trains, intake, and throttle bodies will need to be updated for DI to make its way into the famous engine bays. Direct injection will also reduce emissions by 40-percent, which will bring the powerful sports car to more acceptable levels of pollution.

Look for the 612 Scaglietti and the 599 GTB Fiorano to receive DI next, and all applications will receive a 5- to 8-percent bump in fuel economy once the engine tech is incorporated. While direct injection will undoubtedly change the personality of Ferrari's sought-after powerplants, we're sure the ten-percent power bump and improved green stature will help everyone become accustomed to the change.


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