Spy Shots: Ferrari F430 successor

World Car Fans has just posted some spy photos and renderings of what they think the replacement for the Ferrari F430 will look like. If the pics make it look a lot like an F430, it's because this is a mule based on the upcoming F430 CS/LP. The rendering seems to distance itself from the F430 a bit, but not as much as the pic in Road & Track this month. That rendering seemed to imply that the F430 replacement would sport a 599-like nose and might take the model to the top of Ferrari's lineup. This Ferrari seems a little less radical yet still different enough to keep the faithful happy.
One interesting bit in the WCF report was that the photographer says he saw a completed car under a cover during his shoot. That would seem to suggest that the car might arrive much sooner than anticipated, maybe even as early as the end of next year. That strikes us as a bit odd considering that the CS/LP might not be released for a while still, and would need some time on the market by itself before the new model would debut.

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[Source: World Car Fans]

We're still not sure about the engine in this next mid-engined Ferrari, though we're inclined to say that Ferrari will most likely stick with a V8, rather than going with a V10. Although there was also a suggestion out there that the engine would grow to as large as 5.4 liters, WCF seems to think that number was transposed and should be 4.5. Even 4.5 liters should be adequate, considering that Ferrari is said to be working on raising the redline on their V8 into the 10,000 RPM range. That should mean that at least 500 hp is well within reach.

The spy photos also show larger air scoops in the front bumper fascia and enlarged intakes in front of the rear wheels. This suggests increased cooling for improved brakes and the larger engine. Besides the revised styling and larger motor, this new model is also said to be ushering in a new era of all-wheel drive, too. Hopefully, rumors of reduced body weight and improved handling will keep it competitive with the Porsche 997, Lamborghini Gallardo and Audi R8/RS8. Click over to see a few more larger pics and that rendering.

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