U.S. DOE will work with China on large-scale deployment of alternative-power vehicles

Earlier this month, the Department of Energy signed an agreement with China's Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) that has the potential to play quite a role in the future of greener driving. After all, last year China moved into second place for buying vehicles and third in producing them. According to the DOE, this new five-year agreement binds the partners to "support the large-scale deployment of electric, hybrid-electric, fuel cell, and alternative fuel vehicles in both countries."

What does that mean, exactly? Lots. "DOE and MOST will focus on advanced batteries, alternating current motor control systems, fast charging batteries, advanced materials for vehicle systems, and vehicle charging and fueling infrastructure. The United States and China plan to conduct information exchanges, joint studies, technology demonstrations, and training sessions through collaborations with national laboratories, automotive industries, and other private industries involved in energy efficient transportation." It'd be easier to remember the green car angles this agreement doesn't cover. Biofuels, for one, but China is working on that , too.

[Source: DOE]

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