U.K. sentences country's fastest speeder to jail

Back in January, Timothy Jonathan Brady got his 15 minutes of fame when he became the fastest speeder ever caught in Britain. It happened while Brady was rocketing his Porsche 911 down a quiet country road in Oxfordshire at a radar-confirmed 172 mph. He pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and has been awaiting his sentence.
Monday, he found his punishment will last much longer than his fleeting fame. Not only was Brady sentenced to ten weeks in prison, he also loses driving privileges for three years and will be required to take an extended driving test to get a new license. Yowza!

Hey, Tim, just letting you know, if your 911 needs some exercise while you're in the slammer, give us a call. We're more than willing to help out. Just be sure to leave us a map showing where that nasty little speedtrap is you found.

Thanks for the tip, Thom!

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