Kia Buzz blog looks at a fuel cell future

Kia Motors recently launched a company blog and the latest installment is penned by Kyehwan Roh, the Assistant Manager of Kia's Environmental Management Team. Kia developed their first electric vehicle, a lead acid battery-powered van, back in 1986 and since then has done work on hybrid and fuel cell vehicles. A fuel cell-powered Sportage CUV is currently part of a US Department of Energy test fleet.

Roh goes on to discuss Kia's latest second-generation fuel cell and a new chassis to carry it. The 112 in wheelbase platform is designed to carry an SUV or crossover body and looks much like the one in the Hyundai i-Blue concept that was shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Given the almost identical specs that are given for the two vehicles it seems probable that they are using much of the same hardware.
The main differences seem to be the addition of the rear hub motors and super-capacitors for capturing energy from regenerative braking. Both vehicles feature a 100kW fuel cell stack and claimed 375 mile range.

[Source: Kia Buzz]

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