Neil Winton from Detroit News weights in on Frankfurt's green theme

While German automakers have a knack for offering large, powerful, luxurious, technically-advanced and therefore often heavy cars, they do not have a sterling reputation for producing eco-friendly vehicles. This fact was not lost on the motoring press at-large, including Neil Winton, who contributes to Detroit News out of the U.K. Winton wonders if the German automakers are really going to offer some of the vehicles they were quick to show off on their home-turf when the Frankfurt show decided to make green part of their pitch this year. All of the major European manufacturers were present and most had something to show off with which to bolster their green credentials. Some of the machines seemed like rolling oxymorons to many, such as the BMW X6 hybrid. That vehicle got a specific mention in Winton's article. We were sure to bring you all of the green news from Frankfurt, and we have the post history to prove it. So, looking back on what the show had to offer you, readers, what do you think will come of it? Will there really be a paradigm shift in the thinking of the Euro (mostly German) automakers or will they bask in the bright green glow that the show brings them just to conveniently forget to actually market their green-tech?

[Source: Detroit News]

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