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Not keeping it in the family: Volvo AB not interested in buying Volvo cars

The rumors of Ford unloading Volvo have come to a standstill over the last couple of months, which is no surprise considering how valuable the square safety brand is to the livelihood of FoMoCo. The idea that a Swedish consortium might be interested in taking Volvo off of Ford's hands has already been floated, but one company heralding from the automaker's homeland isn't interested.
The rumor that Volvo AB, a Swedish truck maker, might be interested in purchasing its car-based namesake has officially been quashed. The firm's CEO, Leif Johansson, admitted that his company is "concerned and interested in what happens to Volvo cars," but the firm doesn't have the capitol nor the intention of buying the brand. Pity really, since Johansson wouldn't even need to get the company business cards changed if he did decide to absorb Volvo cars.

[Source: Detroit News]

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