A Swedish solution for taking Volvo off Ford's hands

Ford: "Volvo's not for sale."
BMW: "You sure?"

Ford: "Volvo's not for sale."

Cerberus: "You sure?"

Ford: "Volvos' not for sale."

And so it goes. Another week, another rumor of a possible Volvo suitor. Ford's staked a lot of their future on Volvo technology, so it's understandable that of all the PAG brands, Volvo is the one that Ford's the most reluctant to sell. With whisperings flying as thick as 17-year cicadas, a Volvo insider has intimated that the brand's Swedish management would like to see Swedish owners return were a sale to occur. The Swedes are extremely proud of Volvo, even now there's a 3rd party set up after the sale to Ford with the sole purpose of looking after the name. Ready and willing to take up the reins, a consortium of Swedish investors, inventively named Investor AB, has already collected over half the estimated value of Volvo, and they're itching to get their brand back. Ford would retain a percentage, and the difference between what's already in hand and what Ford might ask would be raised on the Swedish stock exchange. In light of Ford's recent Q2 profit, Dearborn may just hold on to Volvo for now. The next time they're feeling the pinch, Ford would do well to remember that Volvo is the most salable piece of PAG, one that would actually bring a a decent price. We doubt they need reminding.

[Source: Motor Authority]

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