Rendered Speculation: BMW's next CUV, the X1

Audi came out and said it was going to bring 26 new models by 2009. The way BMW is going, they have the same idea, they simply haven't announced it. We don't know who started it, but BMW appears determined not to let Audi or Mercedes occupy any segment without a BMW-branded competitor.

Next up in the waiting-on-official-word roster is the BMW X1, a CUV to come in beneath the X3. The car would compete with Audi's coming Q3 and Mercedes' soon-to-be GLK. The X1 would use the same engines as the 1-series cars and the 4WD system from the X3. Annual production is speculated to be near 100,000 units, and the mini crossover will set you back €30,000.

The X1 is still in development and expected to be unveiled by 2010. If t does well, what follows it could be enough X's to almost finish the series, like an X4, and an X7.

[Source: Motor Authority]

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