Opel Flextreme through the blog of GM's Lutz

AutoblogGreen has written quite a few posts about last week's unveiling of the Opel Flextreme (see below), but what does GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz think about the European version of the E-Flex system? His recent post on the GM FastLane blog lets us know.

Lutz writes that the Chevy Volt still gets his pulse racing, but the Flextreme's design still makes it a "great-looking car." The rear-hinged passenger door, which GM calls FlexDoor (because suicide door just sounds wrong), that's on the Flextreme will be moving into production on GM cars.

Back in January, Lutz said that, the Chevy Volt could be gas-free for more than half of all Americans, because that's how many live within around 30 km of their work, and the Volt can go 60 km on its batteries. The Flextreme has a similar electric-only range, 55 km, but that means almost 75 percent of Europeans could drive gas-free to work and back. Just goes to show one difference between lifestyles in Europe and America.

You can read the rest of Lutz's thoughts on the Flextreme here.
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[Source: GM FastLane blog]

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