Greenpeace brings the pink pigs to Frankfurt

Remember the pink pigs Greenpeace herded to the Porsche Cayenne SUV unveiling? They're back, and they paid a visit to the Frankfurt Motor Show. The pink cars - this time an Audi, a BMW and a Volkswagen - were used by German Greenpeace activists to make the point that cars are still "climate hogs" (klimaschweine) and to denounce the greenwashing that Greenpeace said was going on at the IAA. Fellow environmentalists Deutsche Umwelthilfe made a similar point at the show.
Greenpeace's auto specialist, Wolfgang Lohbeck, told IOL that, "Manufacturers have resorted to all sorts of tricks to transform the show into a green week" and that the low-CO2 emitting vehicles on display were "old plans that were lying around engineers' drawers and hauled out at the last minute."

Jalopnik and IOL have more.

[Source: Jalopnik, IOL]

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