It is true that the Frankfurt Motor Show has offered a wide array of "green" offerings from almost all the manufacturers. However, some German environmental organisations have raised their voice against what they consider simple make-up. Along with the environmentally-respectful vehicles, the marques still show gas guzzlers.

According to these organisations, the automakers, who used to deny climate change, now say that they're working for the environment by creating low-emission vehicles and that governmental pressure doesn't allow them to relax this approach. This makes the organisations skeptical.

"When speaking about camouflage, tricks and lies, German automakers are world champions", said Werner Reh, a traffic expert from BUND. He concludes, "Instead of installing gas-saving technologies in all their models [...], they are modernising their image to appear as environment-friendly, which becomes a massive marketing campaign."

Jürgen Resch, president of Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH/German Environment Aid), doubts how sincerely automakers have changed their approach: "For many years, they have fuelled the idea of 'bigger, faster, heavier' and now they show prototypes that leave us speechless thanks to their low emissions. Nevertheless, those who believe this will be utterly disappointed".

[Source: Reuters]

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