Greenpeace says new Porsche Cayenne SUV is a big pig

When Porsche demoed the Cayenne hybrid last week, the friendly folks at Greenpeace were at the company's Stuttgart HQ with a quite colorful variation of the Cayenne. Even though the new hybrid will use a third-less fuel than the non-hybrid version, Greenpeace says that "Porsche builds climate pigs" and made the point with a pink-painted and pig-decorated Cayenne.
Porsche must have been aware the activists were on their way, because from the roof of the building they unfurled their own Greenpeace-style banners promoting Porsche's low-CO2 emissions - lowest per horsepower, less than 0.1% in traffic (which I'm not sure I understand the meaning of) and then sent out a press release claiming the company has "made it" now that Greenpeace has targeted them. Greenpeace stuck to its guns, calling the Cayenne hybrid "simply an image campaign."

Greenpeace also visited Audi, BMW, and DaimlerChrysler last week. Read more here.
[Source: Wall Street Journal, Matt Vella]

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