Posh Russian community bans Russian made cars

Russia sure has a knack for offering up the most offbeat automotive news. For even more proof of this, look no further than Zolotye Klyuchi 2 (Golden Keys) housing complex. This complex caters to the well-off in Moscow, and has banned Russian-made cars from its community. Management at the Golden Keys has issued the decree because Russian cars pose "a significant danger to the environment, creating high noise levels." Not only that, but because of their unreliability, they are also responsible for "traffic jams on the territory of the complex." What if your friend, who drives a Lada, wants to visit? Better rent a different car! The only Russian-made vehicles allowed are for deliveries or for emergency services. A casual nod is granted to residents who happen to own Russian cars, but they aren't allowed to be seen. "Don't park such vehicles in the street, put them in the underground parking."

What is the punishment for breaking the anti-Russian-car rule? Ridicule in the form of of a picture of your mistakenly parked car on their website, under the title "transgressors". As if having to drive a Lada weren't bad enough!

[Source: AFP via Yahoo]

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