Be afraid: Dragon Tank Truck from Russia

Two slightly bigger pics can be seen by clicking above.

The only info we have on this badass big rig is from the website where we found the pics: "I've seen a lot of photos of USA or Japan trucks looking very stylish after some big work of decorating. But this one looks different. And it can be met on roads of Russia - it's not from some art gallery." So it's Russian, it's called the Dragon Tank Truck, and it's on the road, not in some art gallery. Oh, and it's awesome. Some sort of Mad Max wannabe? A locomotive enthusiast's dream semi? A Transformer sequel star? A future Cars follow-up bad guy? An SPCA scare tactic? Your guess is as good as (actually, frequently, much better than) ours.

Whatever it is, we love it. Like some cartoon nightmare come to life. As one AB Editor put it, "[this truck] should have a bumper sticker on the back that reads 'Lightning McQueen can bite my ass'."

[Source: English Russia]

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