Dodge Viper torched in Russia for being branded with the Devil's mark

Communism might not officially admit a God, but post-Communist Russia apparently believes Satan is alive and well, and that he might drive a Dodge Viper (probably already has a deposit down for the 600-hp 2008 Dodge Viper). It all started when the owner of a Viper was given license plates that contained the 3-digit calling card of a certain deity you don't want to know. That person then decided to park his car somewhere in Kostroma, Russia. With that kind of provocation, what choice did the townfolk have? Taking no chances with the sanctity of their souls and perhaps making too much of the serpent-Viper connection, the good residents of the town purified the Viper in the fire. Which is another way of saying they torched that bad boy. Putting aside the question of why the license bureau would issue such plates in the first place, does anyone think Mephistopheles would actually drive a Dodge? Or did someone just watch The Car once too often?

[Source: English Russia via Jalopnik]

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