BlueMotion VWs in Streetcar car sharing test

Here's an announcement that combines two green car strategies in a sensible and beneficial way: clean diesel cars used by many people through car sharing. Awesome.

The companies/vehicles in question are Volkswagen and the UK car sharing company Streetcar. Streecar has been using VW Golfs exclusively until recently, and now will begin testing at least 25 Polo BlueMotions in London locations. The Polo BlueMotions get 74.3 mpg (Imperial) and emit a sweet 99 g/km of carbon dioxide. These Streetcars are the first Polo Bluemotions in the UK. If the trial goes well, Streetcar will expand its BlueMotion fleet. With VW bringing a bunch of BlueMotion vehicles to Frankfurt (the Golf BlueMotion as well as the Touran, the Jetta and the Caddy/Life), Streetcar will have a lot of choices should the expansion go smoothly.

[Source: Streetcar]

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