Dingell will kill CAFE

You may recall the fight over CAFE before the Senate took a Summer break. Well, the Senate is back in session and Rep. John Dingell is ready to mount another CAFE antler on his wall. Rep. Dingell told the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) that "we're going to win this fight." Dingell is talking about the fight over fuel economy standards, or CAFE. Dingell said, "I go into this tussle comforted (by the support of auto dealers). Go get 'em."
Boy, did they ever! The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and National Automobile Dealers Association launched a new website called autochoice.org. There is a CAFE standard in the energy bill but the Senate pushed for tougher standard for light trucks. Autochoice.org tells you what percent of people in a political district have light trucks. Wow, is that site tailored-made for Senators on the fence on this issue or what?

Do you think Markey will come out of conference and we will see a stronger CAFE standard? Think again! Dingell has been in the Congress longer than Obama has been alive. If you hit on a page, he probably knows about it. He's about to retire and he is not going to end on a losing note. Anyone that dares get in the way of a.) Dingell trying to secure his legacy, b.) an unholy horde of lobbyists and maybe even c.) a Presidential veto, is nuts. Go get 'em.

[Source: Detroit News]

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