Bush might bring out the veto pen to strike 35 mpg dead

If you think the fight for 35 mpg CAFE standards has been won, think again. For one thing, the House of Representatives has pushed discussion back, possibly until the fall, and that body's support for the higher mileage law is not certain. Now, Automotive News is reporting that Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman said today "that President Bush likely would veto an energy bill like the one passed by the Senate last week," in part because of the mpg requirement.

Oh, and you know how I asked the other day who could be in favor of gouging customers at the gas pump? Bodman comes close. Stoffer writes that "Bodman also criticized the Senate-passed bill for:
  • Taking too long to reach a goal of producing 36 billion gallons of renewable fuel each year.
  • Allowing for antitrust litigation against the international oil cartel.
  • Providing penalties for oil companies that commit 'price gouging.'"
[Source: Harry Stoffer / Automotive News]

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