Frankfurt 2007: Land Rover goes all mini

We feel really bad for Land Rover. Cross overs are taking over. Green cars are getting all the attention. Laws in Europe and America pushing for higher CAFE and lower CO2 emissions. What's a SUV brand going to do? Make a mini! Land Rover is releasing a sub-compact, which looks like the Range Rover sport but is just a little bigger than a BMW Mini. The picture above is from a 32 second preview video at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Geoff Polites, chief executive of Jaguar-Land Rover, says he does not even "know what gas-guzzling means." Geoff thinks people need to be more inclusive in their criticism of SUVs. "I don't see people attacking coal burning power stations with enthusiasm they attack cars" says Geoff. Geoff thinks the "baby Land Rover" shows the Land Rover brand can be different things and people should not "stereotype" Land Rover.

"Land Rover can be lots of things. You should never stereotype Land Rover, Range Rover or us. There are lots of opportunities available to do other things with those products" says Geoff. Hmmm, Land Rover... sub-compact? It's possible I guess. What do you think? Would you buy a sub-compact made by one of the top SUV brands? How about a sub-compact Hummer? FYI, get anything smaller than a sub-compact and you have a city car.

[Source: icBirmingham]

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