Salt water as fuel? Burning hydrogen with radio waves? It's true

Salt water as fuel? Not exactly, but kinda. John Kanzius discovered that by focusing certain radio-frequencies on a test tube of salt water, he could ignite the contents, which would them become hot enough to melt the test tube. The process has been independently verified by Rustum Roy, a Penn State University chemist. According to Roy, what is actually happening is the hydrogen is being separated from the salt water and ignited. As long as the water is bombarded with the radio-frequency, it continues to burn after being ignited. This could be a possible breakthrough, depending on how much energy it takes to separate the hydrogen from the water compared to how much hydrogen can be extracted.
Additional research will be necessary into this discovery. The effect was actually discovered while Kanzius was researching heated nanoparticles as part of a novel cancer treatment. So, really, not all accidents are bad, huh? According to our source article, Dr. Roy will be meeting with officials from the DOE and DOD to discuss the discovery and to seek funding for further research. We'll see where it goes from there.

[Source: Post Gazette, thanks for the tip Aaron!]

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