Lutz interview about the Volt on CBS Sunday Morning tomorrow

Update: Sadly, David Pogue informs us that the feature story on electric cars has indeed been bumped again. Thanks to the new Osama Bin Laden tape, we must wait until next Sunday, September 16, to enjoy the interview.
Last week, I told you that David Pogue was doing a piece about electric cars for CBS Sunday Morning. Pogue himself later informed us that it was bumped to this weekend. We have a few more details about what the piece will include thanks to CBS News. Here is the text of the preview.

"ELECTRIC CAR: David Pogue takes a look at the future of electric cars in this Sunday Morning cover story. He visits the Silicon Valley headquarters of Tesla Motors where a 0-to-60-mph-in-4-seconds electric roadster is being readied for sale later this year. Pogue also travels to Detroit to visit with GM's Bob Lutz who shows us the latest developments in the Plug-in Electric Hybrid called the Volt which is being readied for a 2010 roll-out. "

Vijay Vaitheeswaran, correspondent for The Economist and coauthor of "Zoom: The Global Race to Fuel the Car of the Future" may also make an appearance in the piece according to another CBS preview. Well, that's unless it's bumped. This is the news biz. There are always breaking news stories so you may have to wait another week for a new interview about the Volt and Tesla. Whenever it airs, we will tell you about it.

[Source: CBS News]

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