Birth of the electric car on CBS Sunday morning

Update: David Pogue himself writes in an AutoblogGreen comment that the segment has indeed been bumped to next week, Sept 9. Thanks for the update David! We look forward to the piece.
David Pogue writes a column for the New York Times on gadgets. He also works for CBS Sunday Morning. He mentioned he would be doing a piece about electric cars this weekend on CBS Sunday Morning. It could be bumped but it's scheduled to air this weekend. I will report back on what's said. For now, here's Pogue's preview:

"P.S.--My special report on the birth of the electric car, including the Tesla and the Chevy Volt, is scheduled to air this weekend on "CBS News Sunday Morning." The show's lineup isn't set in stone--the segment could get bumped to next week--but at the moment, this Sunday is the plan."

[Source: New York Times]

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