Chrysler puts more money on the hood

Chrysler is already offering five-year, interest-free loans on some of its cars. As of today, it is also offering six-year, interest-free loans and cash incentives. Cerberus, faced with Chrysler's first decline in sales since it took the controls, is not inclined to waste time trying to raise its share. It could also be an effort to make space for '08 model year vehicles. Nevertheless, Chrysler's drop -- 6.1-percent in August, but only 2.7-percent over the first eight months of the year -- is the smallest of the Big Three.

Buyers can take advantage of the six-year loan, or the cash (but not both, sorry), on the Grand Caravan, Town & Country LWB, Dakota, Durango, and Aspen. The new incentives are good through October 1.

[Source: Detroit News]

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