Oklahoma State working on sweet sorghum ethanol process

Ethanol is in the middle of a flux right now, with the common corn-based ethanol being by far the most available source of the alternative fuel. The future of ethanol is cellulosic, but the technology has not matured to the point where the consumer can fill their tank with the cellulosic-based fuel. Unfortunately, the corn feedstock that we use for the ethanol that is common in the United States is not nearly the most efficient source of biomass. There are many better choices for biomass, like sweet sorghum, which can be grown and harvested in most of the country. In an effort to make this feasible, researchers at Oklahoma State University have come up with a potential farm-based processing scenario which could lower the price of making ethanol from the feedstock and make the entire process more efficient. For more on the process, click and read the news straight from the source.

[Source: Oklahoma State University]

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