Toyota launches Suistainability report

Last week, Toyota in Europe launched its Sustainability Report 2007 which, along with other automakers, shows the company's efforts to protect the environment. The first report was released in 2006.
The press release speaks about the main difference among the two reports. In 2006, Toyota was more focused on the lifecycle of the vehicle, from design to logistics. The current report approaches other themes such as energy and global warming, recycling of resources, substances of concern and atmospheric quality. The shift is in line with the Fourth Toyota Environmental Action Plan launched by TMC in 2006.

When focusing on energy and global warming, Toyota shows its efforts in fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions reduction but not only at the gas pump, but during development, design, production and logistics. Toyota is also showing off its cumulative sales of more than 1 million hybrids and that 97.7 percent of its production vehicles meet and surpass Ultra Low-Emission Vehicle levels, 1.4 percent more than in 2006.

Toyota started publishing this type of reports in 1998, although not until last year they were labelled specifically for the Environment. The company's affiliates throughout the world (up to a 86 of the sales) publish local reports as well.

[Source: Toyota (link is a pdf file)]

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