Ford of Europe releases what it calls a "ground-breaking" Product Sustainability Index Report

Got data? You do now, thanks to Ford.

Ford of Europe today published what it says is a "ground-breaking" Product Sustainability Index (PSI) report, a first for the automotive industry. The PSI report is meant to show the way Ford is greening up its production facilities and specifically highlights the new Ford Mondeo, S-MAX and Galaxy vehicles. Taking what it's learned from making these vehicles, Ford of Europe will integrate PSI thinking into all of its future models.

Ford uses the PSI to keep track of eight product attributes:
  • life cycle global warming potential (mainly carbon dioxide emissions)
  • life cycle air quality potential (other air emissions)
  • use of sustainable materials (recycled and renewable materials)
  • substance management (including TÜV allergy-tested interior certification)
  • exterior noise impact (drive-by noise)
  • safety (for occupants and pedestrians)
  • mobility capability (seat and luggage capacity relative to vehicle size)
  • life cycle ownership costs (full costs for the customer over the first three years)
As you can see, the environment is not the only factor in the PSI. In Ford's language, "these metrics echo the multi-dimensional nature of sustainability and Ford's holistic approach." Whatever language they feel the need to use if fine with me, as long as better, greener cars is the result. You can download the report here (click on "Download Resources") of just snag the PDF.

[Source: Ford]

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