Real production Pontiac G8 spied, new concept logo ditched

With RWD, crisp, modern looks, and a prodigious V8, the G8 has to be the most highly anticipated Pontiac in a generation. We're beginning to see test models in southeast Michigan, but Down Under the G8 has been captured in production trim. When comparing the production G8 in the photo above to the preproduction model we snapped-up at Woodward, there isn't a whole lot different going on, except for one small logo. It looks like the General settled on the stand-by red Pontiac logo instead of the silver decoration that was on both the concept from Chicago and the G8 on Woodward. Either that, or GM is planning on having two different logos, which is possible, since the preproduction model is a GT and the purple production model isn't. To check out more pictures from Australia on the Wheelsmag website by click the "Read" link below.

[Source: Wheelsmag]

Thanks for the tip, Gray!

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