Pre-pro Pontiac G8 parked on Woodward

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We've this red pre-production Pontiac G8 out and about before, but General Motors had it parked on Woodward last weekend, which gave Dream Cruise revelers a chance to pick it over. Now that the festivities have concluded, we can do a proper comparison between it and the Pontiac G8 Concept that debuted last February in Chicago thanks to a GM Inside News forum member who brought back pics.

Remarkably, the car has changed very little on its way to production, which tells us either that it's really easy to badge engineer a Holden into a Pontiac (we kind of already knew that thanks to the GTO) or that the car we saw in Chicago was already far along in development.

Follow the jump for more pics, including comparison shots of both cars side by side.

Thanks for the tip, Jay!

[Source: GM Inside News]

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The differences between the gunmetal silver car we saw in Chicago and this blazing red one on Woodward are few, but the wheels are clearly different with the red car wearing more production ready split five-spokes instead of the concept's more wild and certainly larger rims. Inside the pre-pro car we see a more monotone color scheme awash in shades of gray rather than the concept's two-tone deal, and the concept's stick shift is gone in favor of an automatic with manual shifting in the pre-production prototype. Aside from that, it appears the G8 that eventually goes on sale will be a dead ringer for the concept that was rolled out in Chicago.

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