Autoblog Podcast #76

It's car debut week, apparently, for Autoblog Podcast #76. As we start winding up for the car show season, news is beginning to break. We start with the Ford Verve, Ford's B segment concept that will be the new Fiesta in Europe. It will be coming to the US, as well, even though Ford Europe's designers didn't imbue it with the three-bar grille. Just send it. We also saw the production result of Chrysler's JC49 in the surprising Dodge Journey CUV. It's got some very cool packaging in the interior, and the styling is successful, if not heart-pounding. Cross your fingers that it doesn't get saddled with the same materials in the rest of Chrysler's interiors - you know, plastic that makes milk jugs laugh. We finally got to see the Jaguar XF sans camo, too. Let's hope it runs like a scalded cat (with the AJ V8 in supercharged and naturally aspirated forms, it should do pretty well), because it's got the face of one. The amalgam of borrowed cues work well together, and it's a huge improvement from the overtly retro S-Type. Maybe it will serve as a tipping point, moving Jag from a nostalgically styled brand to a bolder, more cutting edge look, Last but not least, we're competing in the 24 Hours of LeMons. We've got an '88 RX-7 that's going to get torn to shreds. We can hardly wait, look for updates on the preparations, as we head toward the event on October 20th and 21st. And we're out - 44 minutes of punditry.
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