We've heard this before: USA Today reports hatches are coming back

Being the auto-obsessive types that you are, we're sure you can recount endless conversations with potential car buyers about the variety of body styles on the market, and how several of the CUVs and wagons currently available are, at times, far superior to their overblown SUV counterparts. The reasons behind the current boom in hatchbacks and crossovers are obvious: better fuel economy, more car-like handling and ride, all with many of the same attributes of an SUV.

USA Today
ran a piece that details some of the offerings that are either making a splash in the marketplace already, or that are pegged to be winners as the movement away from big 'utes continues. Much of the discussion centers on some of the new high-end crossovers that are currently in the works, specifically the BMW X6 and Infiniti EX35, which offer a bit more luxury over outright utilitarianism.

The real crux of the article is that American consumers have put to rest the moribund offerings of the 70s, like the Ford Pinto and Chevy Vega, and are finally warming up to the sloping rooflines of modern five-door designs.

[Source: USA Today via Winding Road]

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