Fiat introduces the Palio Eltrico in Brazil

Demetrio tips us again on another new Fiat, this time the Palio Elétrico. This electric Fiat uses nickel metal hydride batteries to support the electric motor which is capable of producing 15 kW (about 20 hp) of power with 50 Nm (less than 40 lb. ft) of torque. That is not very much power, but it is enough to propel the machine to 65 miles per hour or so. The batteries reside near the spare tire under the floor of the trunk. The vehicle is a collaboration between Fiat Automóveis and Itaipu Hidrelétrica, which operates the largest hydroelectric dam in the world. The batteries for the vehicle were provided by the Swiss company KWO. The range of the car stands between 110 and 120 kilometers, plus up to 20 extra kilometers when regenerative braking is added in, for a total of a possible 85 miles or so. Thirty examples of the all-electric vehicle will be used by the electric plants in an effort to prove that the electric vehicles are a viable option in Brazil.

How about this: cut a cylinder off the 1.4 liter engine in the Siena Tetrafuel, which was just mentioned on our site, to be used as a flex-fuel range extender for a Chevy Volt like Fiat? Now that would be worth talking about!

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[Source: Italiaspeed]

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