Mulally suggests a return to "Have You Driven A Ford Lately?"

Resurrecting the Taurus name isn't the only element from Ford's past that Alan Mulally thinks should make a comeback. Despite having one of their best lineups ever and winning accolades, customers have other makes further up on their list. Potential buyers who actually check out what Ford has to offer often come away impressed, and for this reason Mulally is suggesting a return to the "Have You Driven a Ford Lately?" tagline.
Please, no. Forward momentum, Alan. The return to the Taurus was smart, the name recognition alone is priceless. In that vein, Mulally wants to stop with the recent Ford practice of confusing and confounding consumers by switching model names so frequently. Horray! Building equity in a model name by sticking with it and continually improving the vehicle the badge is stuck to has worked quite well for Honda and Toyota with the Accord and Camry, and it'd be a smart thing for Ford to emulate. Inane 1980s marketing campaigns aside, Mulally is being effective at pushing Ford to operate their business in a smarter manner while building better product. There may be life in the old Tin Lizzie brand yet.

Hit the jump for a taste of Ford's 1984 television campaign.

[Source: Detroit News]

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