I saw this ad last night on the cable station TBS. I was watching a remake of the Time Machine (BTW, it's not a great movie). Anyway, I see this ad for the 2007 Hummer H3. The first thing in the ad? Text that says "Get 20 MPG highway." Que the spit take! Wow, I knew the H3 was smaller than the regular Hummer but 20 MPG? That's not bad at all. I had to check it out anyway because, I mean, it's Hummer!

So, I went to fueleconomy.gov. The small text in the ad said EPA estimate so where else would I go? I did not find a 20 MPG rating. Maybe the automatic... nope. Maybe there was another Hummer this year... no. Oh, I know. They are using THE OLD MPG RATING. Here is a side by side comparison. And I was about to call the FTC. They are just using the higher highway MPG rating (not the combined or disclosing the city rating) and an out of date rating system. That's not misleading at all.

[Source: TBS, EPA]

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