Microsoft developing virtual fuzzy dice for new HUD software

You read that right. Microsoft. Fuzzy dice. This is, indeed, the type of cutting edge technology that will carry the world's largest software company to new heights of profit.

To be fair, the virtual dice are a part of a Microsoft patent filing for a HUD that integrates your car's electronics, your PDA, your mobile phone, your MP3 player (or Zune for you other three), and, of course, your fuzz-covered mirror decorations. According to the patent application, the dice would even interact with the car's movement, swaying left when you turn right, getting all twisted when the A/C blows them in circles, possibly even changing colors in reaction to a really bright, hot summer. Then again, we could possibly be reading way too much into this.

Could this be a future generation of Ford's Sync? It's not too great a stretch to see a head up display integrated with the Ford system. Seeing an emoticon displayed on the windshield in a text message sure makes a lot more sense to us than having a disembodied voice read "smileyface" to us.

[Source: The Inquirer via Engadget]

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