Edwards' Plan: 40 MPG Cafe, all cars flex fuel and more

John Edward's biofuel plan has some interesting ideas. Lets take them one by one. First, expansion of an EPA school bus program that hopes to replace diesel with biofuel. 90 percent of school buses run diesel which can easily run biofuel and not spit so much nastiness at the kids. The EPA program has already shown healthy expansion as we've written. It's something everyone can agree on. No one is pro-soot that I know of anyway. Lets get to the tough stuff.
Boosting biofuel production... wait ethanol haters! He says he will do it "while minimizing pollution, soil erosion, and water, land and energy use." Feels like he is more for research too. Interesting part about his support for ethanol is at the pump. He wants to require 25 percent of stations to have biofuel pumps and all cars to be flex-fuel after 2010. Again, not that much cost. Lets get to the expensive stuff: a billion a year to industry to "advance and apply the latest technology." Not sure what that means, exactly, but there's a little more information on Edwards' proposals for CAFE standards: 40 MPG by 2016. Bill Richardson wants 50 MG by 2020. The Energy Bill may have 35 MPG by 2020 CAFE. I think Edwards has them all beat. 2016? That's less than ten years away if he is elected. Pretty bold considering industry complained about time constraints. What do you think? Hillary Clinton must plan something sooner or higher to get any attention. Edwards' plan reminds me of some things I recorded Biden saying on CSPAN in mid-May. In that video, he talks to someone asking about biofuels and says he wants stations cars to be flex-fuel and stations to use biofuel. You can watch that below the fold.

I don't think Edwards' plan is anything too dramatic, for the Democratic side anyway. I think Richardson, Biden and others pushed the issue as well and, probably most importantly, the Energy Bill and environmental movement forced these high numbers. In 2004, Kucinich was calling for 40 mpg and others were calling for 36. Just three years later and those numbers seem low compared to 40 from Edwards and 50 from Richardson. The candidates must feel they have to say at least 40 to get any attention because the energy bill just might keep their campaign promises. So, as the other candidates come out with plans, don't be surprised to see more calls for 40 or more in about 10 years.

[Source: John Edwards dot com]

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