Nissan finally brings the Tiida (aka Versa) to Europe

Whereas we're normally used to see how European models end up in other places, in the case of Nissan, the story goes the other way around. For a long time, Nissan dealers were seeing how they didn't have a car for the so-called C segment (compact). The aging Almera was no longer attractive to customers, despite the low prices and the breath of air some Renault-sourced engines brought to the model.

So Europeans are getting the Nissan Tiida, sold as the Versa in America. Tiida means "everchanging tide" in a Japanese dialect. The euro-specs model, although built in México, will be introduced at the Frankfurt International Motor Show next month. Less aggressive than other recent entries from Nissan, such as the Note or the Qashqai, it was first introduced in the Russian market. Let's just hope they set in the newest technologies (such as the cleanest diesels) in this model.

Expect the usual array of engines from the Renault-Nissan alliance, although those engines, nor pricing have been yet announced. As an orientation, the Renault Mégane is being sold with the following ranges (Mixed Euro cycle and CO2 grams per km):
  • Gasoline: 1.4 (6.9 l/100, 34 mpg, 165 g/km), 1.6 (this one available with flex-fuel option, 6,9 l/100, 34 mpg, 164 g/km, 2.0 (8 l/100, 30 mpg, 191 g/km), 2.0 Turbo (7.7 l/100, 31 mpg, 184 g/km) and 2.0 T Sport.
  • Diesel: 1.5 ECO2 (with 85 or 105 HP, 5.2 l/100, 45 mpg, 117 g/km and 5.6 l/100, 42 mpg and 120 g/km), 1.9 (130 HP, 7 l/100, 34 mpg and 145 g/km).
Note that Nissan sold the Almera and is selling other models with own engines as well.
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[Source: Nissan]

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