Rush Limbaugh returns to AutoblogGreen, doesn't get the greening of Fox's 24

Considering that our recent post on Rush Limbaugh garnered more comments than any other in the history of AutoblogGreen, I would be remiss not to mention a quick follow-up. And, lucky for people who enjoy leaving comments, this item includes another favorite punching bag, the Fox network.

Remember when we told you about the greening of the drama 24? While many people think that creating the show in a more sustainable way (using email instead of car delivery of scripts, for example, and using biodiesel in the generators) is a good thing, the general greening of Fox is ruffling Rush's feathers (Thanks to Ecorazzi for catching the ruffling).

In response to listeners who got worried 24 might make global warming a plot point, Rush said the following on his show: "Jack Bauer is not going to be shooting SUVs. Jack Bauer is not going to be driving hybrids. Jack Bauer is not going to use BBs. All the story means is that -- and this is a Fox network-wide dictum from the suits in the studio tower -- all these Fox programs are going to be carbon neutral in their production techniques, with lightbulb changes on the set and things like that. The content of the program is not what's referred to in the story, so don't panic."

As the Fox network itself made clear, 24's greening includes, "
When appropriate, incorporating the issue of global warming and the importance of carbon emission reduction into storylines." Seems pretty clear to me, but clarity isn't Rush's strong suit.

[Source: Ecorazzi, Rush Limbaugh show]
Kiefer Sutherlan's PSA on global warming:

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