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Jack Bauer: Eco-warrior? The greening of 24

We don't think fans of 24 need to worry about the show getting all preachy. It'll still focus on Jack saving the world while dishing out pain and death to bad guys in inventive, entertaining ways. (Hopefully in association with a plot that's more compelling than the horrendous snooze-fest it turned into this past season, but I digress.) That aside, the producers have said that climate change will be worked into the program when it's appropriate. And that's not all -- it's taken on a role in the action behind the scenes as well. As part of News Corp's drive to reduce its total environmental footprint, this season's 24 production will work to offset its carbon emissions to the point where, if successful, the season finale will be entirely carbon-neutral.

Some of the methods the producers will employ is the use of biodiesel in their generators and diesel-powered vehicles, investment in renewable-energy credits to import clean power to the production, and having the show's location scouts and other workers drive hybrid cars. One soundstage the production company leases will be rewired to run completely on electrical power. Currently, it can't handle the show's needs 100 percent, and supplemental diesel generators must be run to supply the amount of power required. Also, printed materials like scripts, which used to be hand-delivered by car, will be e-mailed to their intended recipients instead. Finally, Kiefer Sutherland has filmed a topical PSA which is on the 24 website now, and new ones will be filmed and added during the upcoming season that begins in January.

Fox's press release has been pasted after the jump.

[Source: Washington Post, Fox]


Show Will Take Significant Steps to Reduce its Carbon Footprint
For Season Seven with the Goal of Accruing Enough Emissions Savings
To Render Entire Season Finale Carbon Neutral;
"24" Hopes to Inspire Other Series and Millions of ViewersTo Join Fight to Curb Climate Change

July 22, 2007, Hollywood, CA – "24," the Emmy Award-winning series from Imagine and Twentieth Century Fox Television, will strive to become the first television production ever to save enough energy and reduce enough carbon emissions over the course of a season to render its entire season finale "carbon neutral," it was announced today. In addition to making significant changes to its own production practices, the series aims to educate and inspire its millions of viewers to take climate change and the fight against global warming seriously and personally, before it's too late, said executive producer/show-runner Howard Gordon and Twentieth Century Fox Television Chairmen Dana Walden and Gary Newman.

"We care deeply about this issue at '24,' and we wanted to do our own small part to be part of the solution," commented Howard Gordon. "We looked at how we produce the show, and realized that there were some substantive changes we could implement which would make a real difference. But even more importantly, we hope to inspire our audience to look at what they can do in their own lives to help stem global warming. We think this will be the beginning of a conversation with our millions of viewers that will hopefully inspire them to take action around the world."

"Fighting the dangers of climate change is an initiative that this whole company takes very seriously, and what better show than '24' to lead the way?" commented TCFTV Presidents Newman and Walden. "This series has a proud tradition of innovation and futuristic thinking and we couldn't be more excited that Howard and his team have embraced this bold challenge. Not only can we encourage other television series to follow their example, but we intend to use our powerful platform as content providers to communicate directly with the people of the world about how we can reverse this serious environmental threat."

Beginning with production on Season 7, "24" intends to implement the following carbon emission reduction techniques and important initiatives:

Introducing the use of biodiesel fuels to power generators and production vehicles;
  • Previously, the show powered its electric generators and large transportation vehicles with diesel fuel. This season, the show intends to use a combination of petroleum diesel and biodiesel (a clean-burning alternative fuel produced from renewable resources), which should result in emission reductions ranging from 5% on the vehicles to as much as 100% on the generators.
Running all on-stage production activities on "green power";
  • Through the L.A. Department of Water and Power, the show will purchase all of its energy from renewable power sources (such as wind, water and solar). As a result, this "green energy" will be brought into the Los Angeles power grid from outlying areas, thereby reducing overall emissions and pollution in greater Los Angeles.
Rewiring an entire stage to use electric, rather than diesel-generated, power;
  • Previously, one of the two stages housing "24"' had insufficient power capacity necessary to light the sets and run the equipment, necessitating the use of supplemental diesel-gas-fueled generators. Twentieth Century Fox Television is investing in rewiring this building, which it leases, so that no diesel generators will be needed this season.
Integrating fuel-saving and low-emission hybrid vehicles into the production fleet;

This season, the show intends to incorporate as many lower-emission vehicles as possible into departments that require considerable road trave,l such as Locations, Transportation and Production Assistance.

Creating a series of PSAs about the issue starring Kiefer Sutherland and key cast members;

  • Kiefer Sutherland has already shot a public service announcement describing "24"'s commitment to this issue. This season, the series intends to participate in a series of PSAs educating viewers about climate change and offering information about how they can be part of the solution.
When appropriate, incorporating the issue of global warming and the importance of carbon emission reduction into storylines;
  • Posting information, resources and do-it-yourself techniques for viewers to reduce their own carbon footprints on the "24" page at;
Accruing enough carbon reduction savings through these and other innovations to render production of the entire final episode officially "carbon neutral."
  • Carbon neutrality refers to a product having a balance of zero between the amount of carbon absorbed and the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere during the production of the product. Carbon neutrality is achieved through energy reduction, green power use, and purchasing "offsets" which represent investment in alternative energy and carbon reduction.

"While the changes we are making are ambitious and groundbreaking, they are really just the beginning of our industry getting behind this issue," commented Walden and Newman. "There are still considerable obstacles to overcome, whether it's encouraging investment in greener television production technologies, or simply forcing ourselves and our partners to think and do things differently. That said, we believe that we should not let what we cannot achieve get in the way of the things we can. And the next season of '24' is the perfect place to start."

Here's some of the things you can do to make a difference right now.


* Replace incandescent light bulbs with energy-efficient ones.
* Unplug chargers (cell phones, blackberries, iPods, etc.) when not in use.
* Turn off lights/TVs when not in use.
* Shut it down your computer completely when you are done for the day, and physically turn off your monitor -- "power-saving" mode still uses power!!
* Take public transportation.
* Ride a bike.
* Drive a hybrid.
* Buy locally grown produce.
* Use refillable cups/glasses/water bottles.
* Print on both sides of the page, review files on the screen and send documents over email whenever possible.


* Unplug chargers (cell phones, blackberries, iPods, etc.) when not in use. Only 5% of the power drawn by a cell phone charger is used to charge the phone -- the other 95% is wasted when it is left plugged into the wall.
* Since plugged-in but turned-off appliances still sap energy, use power strips for TVs, stereos, DVD players, computers, etc. to be able to easily turn them TRULY OFF.
* Visit or to have your name removed from catalogue mailing lists -- U.S. catalogue companies send more than 17 BILLION catalogues PER YEAR!!
* Turn on your AC in the car (instead of rolling down the window) if you're going over 45 MPH, it actually saves energy.
* Use recycled aluminum foil instead of plastic wrap, wax paper and regular aluminum foil.
* Switch to NiMH rechargeable batteries for alarm clocks, remotes and small appliances -- alkaline batteries are next to impossible to recycle.
* Use ceiling fans in the summer AND winter. By reversing the direction of the blades in the winter, warm air is pushed down, and heat is distributed throughout the house.

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