Frankfurt Preview: Renault's new Clio-based station wagon

Want a small Renault car, but nothing too small? The French automaker would like to introduce you to the latest incarnation of the Clio, this time its a small station wagon that will be unveiled the Frankfurt IAA in September. Just how green this car might be is not yet public information, but any time automakers give small a chance is good news to us.

Automotive News (subs req'd) says that Renault aims to compete with Skoda's Fabia Combi and Peugeot's 207 station wagons. Global Insight's Christoph Stürmer told AN that, "It's a defensive move. The success of the first-generation Fabia Combi was so great that no one wants to miss out on the opportunity. The B segment is highly competitive and you are fighting for every customer."

Seems like a good fight.

[Source: Automotive News (subs req'd)]

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