Get 'em while they last: The Honda Accord Hybrid

Perhaps it was doomed from the start - a performance hybrid trapped in the body of a normal-looking Honda Accord. Here you had the power of a 3.0 liter V-6 and an electric motor to boost acceleration but who are ya gonna challenge? That mom w/ kids in the minivan, or that secretary in a Durango? After selling on 5,600 Accord Hybrids in 2006 compared to 349,000 non-hybrid Hondas - that is only 1.6% - Honda management decided to pull the plug.

Well, this presents an opportunity. Honda dealers will want to get rid of these cars if that have any left. It will be a quality build. It has front wheel drive. Fuel economy will be nothing to brag about but it is a hybrid and it will go like hell when flogged. You can sneak up on all kinds of Acuras, Lexi, Infinities, Jags, Bimmers and Benz and quickly pull away, if that is your thing. Think about this car about 5 years from now. It could be king of the road, something Mel Gibson would drive in those Mad Max movies.

[Source: Car and Driver]

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