No hybrid for the new 2008 Honda Accord, diesel in 2009

After the rather dismal sales of the current generation Accord hybrid, Honda has apparently decided not to offer a hybrid version of the new 2008 Accord due this fall. Honda will focus the hybrid applications on smaller cars like the Civic and the new hybrid-only model they have coming for 2009. Larger models like the Accord will instead use Honda's new fifty-state diesel engine that is coming in 2009.
When the hybrid Accord was introduced in 2004 the IMA system was paired up with the V-6 engine instead of the smaller four cylinder. The more expensive Accord was marketed as more of a performance upgrade than an efficiency improvement which proved to be a tough sell. The new self contained emission control system that Honda has developed will not require any Urea injection unlike the BlueTec system developed by Mercedes Benz.

[Source: GreenCarCongress]

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