The consultation period on London Mayor Ken Livingstone's revised congestion charge plan starts today. Getting in an opening salvo, the non-executive chairman of the Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMIF), Alec Murray, says straight-up that the proposal won't work.
"The emissions of most private cars driven in central London fall below the highest proposed emissions-based congestion charge level , so it is questionable if the proposed plan will achieve its aim of further reducing central London traffic levels," he said in a statement.

Murray and the RMIF say the problem is that since there are so many new cars being sold that fall into the congestion charge waiver category (exactly what Citroën was advertising the other day), an emissions-based plan will not limit the amount of cars in downtown London.

While I take RMIF's point, Livingstone is working on this plan to "tackle climate change," not only to reduce the number of vehicles. I know the specifics matter, but 100 low-CO2 cars are better for the air than 75 high-CO2 ones, no? Of course, 50 bikes and 50 low-CO2 cars is even better...

[Source: Mayor of London, RMIF]

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