Citron's congestion-charge-beating lineup

With a new possible increase in London's Congestion Charge being discussed, Citroën is reminding people that there are "No fewer than 23 models in Citroën's current line-up could become exempt from the London's Congestion Charge, if Mayor Ken Livingstone's proposals, announced in full today, get the green light."

If you want to avoid the £25 per day charge (for the largest CO2 emitters), and like the Band B and A size, you can drive Citroën's C1, C2, C3 or C4 models and drive into London without paying the new Congestion Charge, should it go into effect. As we mentioned yesterday, the Smart ForTwo diesel and VW Polo Bluemotion would also fall into the drive free category. If you want to find out what band your vehicle is in, try this site.

[Source: Citroën]

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