Rendered Speculation: Fiat Bravo Crossover

Fiat's already started the machinations to bring Alfa back to the North American market, so is it too much to dream that Fiat proper would mount a return as well? The rhetoric surrounding the 2010 Bravo is that it's an integral part to the brand spreading to more diverse markets. What could be more diverse than a US market that's devoid of all those interesting foreign and domestic brands that were once vibrant? Motor Authority's rendering shows a handsome vehicle with a contemporary look. Contemporary...such a thorny adjective. 2010 is nigh three years from now, and by then, this smartly styled CUV may look pretty dated. The Alfa/Fiat design cues are as tidy here as they are on the Subaru Tribeca, and the XK-esque headlamps jazz things up, too. It's not a bland look, though it's not the current vogue of "boxier than thou" among high-style CUVs. Okay, those are enough words, check out Schulte Design's fine work and form your own opinion.
[Source: Motor Authority]

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