Alfa Romeo Returns! 8C Competizione in America in 2008

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After being absent from the US market since 1995, Alfa Romeo is finally coming back to America one year from now and they are returning with a bang! The opening salvo from Alfa will be the 8C Competizione, which has been appearing in Europe for several years now. Alfa is only building a grand total of 500 8Cs for the entire world with less than 100 of those coming here, and they will be the last of the series.

As part of the preview for this weekend's Meadow Brook Concours d'Elegance, Maserati North America boss Jim Selwa unveiled the 8C for the first time in North America in final production form. Befitting such a low volume car, it will command a commensurately high volume price. In Selwa's words, it will be "somewhere north of $200,000." The carbon fiber bodied Alfa has a 4.7L V-8 with 450 hp passing through a six-speed paddle-shifted transaxle. Needless to say, there is no wrong wheel drive silliness here.

Under the glass rear hatch resides some custom fitted leather luggage, including a special briefcase in it's own slot at the back. The 8C will be offered through a limited number of Maserati dealers with the highest rated outlets getting priority.
After the 8Cs are all gone, the Alfa renaissance will continue with more mainstream models coming over in 2009. According to Maserati NA PR manager Jeff Ehoodin, the models that will be available will be announced at a later date. For those with a taste for Italian style, the 8C is a wonderful way to start.

[Source: Maserati North America]

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